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Artec 3D Announces Artec Ray- Wide-area 3D Scanning Solution

Artec 3D has just launched an exciting new product called the Artec Ray. 3D Scanning large objects will never be the same. Artec Ray is capable of scanning objects in range of 110 meters. Submillimeter accuracy is capable depending on range and scanning mode (High Quality vs High Sensitivity for challenging surfaces). As a leading Artec 3D partner in the US, Delscan is very excited to see how our customers make use of this new equipment.

Artec Studio software allows for our customers to combine the best of wide area scanning [Artec Ray] with our tried and true handheld 3d scanners [Artec Space Spider, Artec Eva, and Artec Leo] get great accuracy for very large objects, and even higher precision in critical areas with a handheld device. There is no other company out there offering a hollistic solution that can match what Artec 3D has done with this product launch.

Our primary customers include Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer product clients who have a need to scan large objects fast and accurately. The Artec Ray rounds out our solution portfolio to address those needs for customers like General Motors, Toyota, Boeing and many more. Companies who are retro-fitting consumer vehices for autonomy or our military converting vehicles to armors combat systems will find incredible value in a tool like the Artec Ray.

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You can read the official press release from Artec 3D here:

Artec 3D to Unveil Artec Ray Laser Scanner at Industrie | Artec 3D Scanners News

New metrology-grade scanner digitizes large objects with submillimeter accuracy and minimal noise, ideal for inspection, product design and construction Santa Clara, Calif., March 21, 2018 – Artec 3D, a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, today expands its no-targets-required 3D scanning technology portfolio with the announcement of the Artec Ray.


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