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Professional 3D Scanners - Artec's award winning 3D scanners are portable, fast, and easy to use .3D scan as fast as 80 frames per second (FPS) and with accuracy as high as 0.05mm! Schedule a FREE demo today!
Professional 3D Scanners
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3D Scanning Hardware

$9800 – $19,800

The Artec Eva holds the title for best 3d scanner under $50,000 by Extremely fast scanning at 16 frames per second (FPS) and is highly accurate with 100 micron point accuracy. Large field of view that is great for scanning large objects (car? YUP!) This is ideal for any professional looking for fast, accurate scans of large parts. Color not important? Get the best scanner for even less, Eva Lite starts at only $9800, full color Eva, $19,800.


New Equipment Digest awarded Artec Space Spider innovation winner of 2016. True portability in a high precision device. 50 micron accuracy or better, high resolution of 100 microns, the Space Spider is the easiest to use and fasted 3D scanner on the market to capture intricate details for part validation or reverse engineering. Need to scan large parts and small intricate parts? We’ve got you covered, ask about our GREAT discounts on our bundles that include Space Spider, you can save over $8,000 right now! And…  Artec Space Spider captures in full color!


Artec’s track record speaks for itself when you see the highly regarded 3D scanners that precede King Leo. What does Leo bring to the table? Where do we start???

  • 80 FPS (yes, 80, if you thought Eva was fast at 16… wait ’till you see this!!
  • 100 micron accuracy to meet or beat the Artec Eva
  • UNTETHERED- thats right, built in screen, and battery for wireless scanning anywhere you need to capture- GAME-CHANGER
  • Resolution that rivals the Space Spider at 250 microns, fast, large items + fine feature detail

This thing must cost a fortune… nope, Artec’s upcoming flagship device sells for only $25,800! If you’ve been waiting for the “next big leap” in 3D Scanning technology…  it’s here, Q4 2017.

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