DELSCAN | Artec 3D Scanners: the new Artec Leo
The new Artec Leo is Artec 3D's new flagship technology. Offereing completely wireless technology, 80 frames per second, and extremely large field of view... this 3D Scanner will make light work of any object to be scanned both large and small. Check out this video to see it scan a half of a vehicle in approximately 60 seconds.
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Delscan First Look at the New Artec Leo from CES 2018

Delscan First Look at the New Artec Leo from CES 2018

The Artec Leo took CES by storm with it’s one-of-kind wireless new VCSEL technology. With a a built-in battery, the Artec Leo has proven to be the most portable and versatile 3D Scanner on the market. Leveraging an on board LCD screen, users can capture data without the hassle of using a usb connection to a bulky laptop. Once the data is captured it can then be transferred to the workstation through a variety of methods including wireless internet, Ethernet cable or other media transfer methods.

Watch the Leo scan half of a vehicle in approximately 60 seconds!


Download this brochure to see how the Leo compares to rest of Artec’s product line

The Artec Leo also has one of the largest field of views in the industry which makes for easy tracking and very smooth scanning. Combine that with the 80 frames per second capture speed, and you can see why scanning large items like a vehicle is no problem for the Artec Leo. When areas need higher detail, the operator can simply move the scanner closer to the object being scan to achieve a higher resolution. No matter the size of the object, this speed and versatility comes without jeopardizing accuracy, the Artec Leo offers 0.100 mm accuracy.

To find out more about the Artec Leo, contact us at 833-DEL-SCAN, or We are you experts in 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, or Part validation.

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