Ultimaker 3D Printer Maximizes Factory Floor Efficiency at Volkswagen

3D Printing is no longer about just rapid prototyping or printing off a cool vase as the media would lead the general public to believe. In fact, 3D priting is making more of an impact back on the factory floor more than ever before. Think of all the opportunities there are to implement 3D printing to reduce manufacturing tool production times, worker fatigue and shrink manufacturing line production times. All this from a small to mid-sized box, that now cost’s less than $5k.

Ultimaker 3D printers have made a name for themselves, these are not just a toy for the basement. We see large corporations like bringing in these printers to replace what was once a clunky metal tool that was difficult for a worker to use because it was designed for ease and speed of manufacturing the tool. Things like ergonomics, tool-weight, are tossed aside for something that can be sourced off the shelf and/or machined quickly and inexpensively.


Watch the video below to see how Volkswagen is changing the game with Ultimaker 3D Printers.



That is all changing, with Ultimaker 3D Printers you can now create much more user friendly tools that are ergonomic, light weight and strong. Best of all, you can print these tools over night for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. That is lights out manufacturing at it’s finest. Ultimaker is open source so adventurous users can experiment with a variety of thermoplastics (and in some cases even stainless steel.) For the more conservative user who craves that push button operation to maintain efficiency, stick with Ultimaker brand materials which have RFID and are primed and ready to print repeatable, accurate parts easily once the material is loaded in the machine.

Ultimaker 3D Printers utilize the market leading slicer software called Cura. With over 1 Million users worldwide, Cura has the same ease of operation that Ultimaker owners have come to expect and even take for granted at times.

With Ultimaker’s new addition of the Ultimaker S5 which boasts their largest build envelope yet, and an extruder to handle more abrasive materials like carbon fiber and other engineering-grade plastics… we expect Ultimaker to become a major player in the additive manufacturing arena.

New Ultimaker S5

New Ultimaker S5- image courtesy of Delray Systems https://www.3d-printer.com

You can find out more about Ultimaker by visiting www.3d-printer.com Delray Systems is a leading Ultimaker partner serving all of the United States and offering a plethora of experience when it comes to industrial applications of 3D printing.

Read the case study on how Volkswagen is using there Ultimaker 3D Printer:


Ultimaker VW Success

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