Artec Leo is the first high accuracy 3D scanner to be completely untethered with a built in interactive screen battery.
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    Artec Space spider is a high precision handheld 3D Scanner that is great for reverse engineering, quality control, design and manufacturing. When you have complex details or require sharp edges, Space Spider is perfect.

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    Artec Eva is light, fast and versatile making it one of our most popular scanners. Scan large objects quickly and affordably with Eva Lite starting at only $9800. Schedule a demoto see for yourself.
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    Artec Ray can scan objects extremely large objects or spaces with great detail and sub-millimeter accuracy. When higher accuracy is needed, use a handheld scanner and align extremely high accurate scans to the Ray Data where needed.
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3D Scanner Hardware

Andheld 3D Scanners and long range "terrestrial" scanners. Delscan offers the most versatile solutions on the market. Check out our 3D Scanners page to see what's new!

See the full line of industry leading scanners here!
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3D Scanning Software

Scan data is only as good as the tool you are using to manipulate or inspect it. Check out our software page to find the right tools for your applications.

Need some software to go with that scanner?

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3D Services

Not quite ready to jump in with both feet, that's ok, we can do the work for you. Stop by our services page and see what we offer. An expert ready to provide options.

Only looking to get a project done, we can help!

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3D Scanning Experts


Welcome to Delscan,  a leading US partner of Artec 3D Scanners, reverse engineering, and quality control software. Artec 3D manufactures the fastest and easiest to use 3D Scanners for professional applications. Starting at $9,800, a user can scan very larger objects at very high speeds. Check out our 3D scanners page to learn more. When combining these scanners with one of Delscan's robust software tools, you can solve just about any of your critical issues pertaining to reverse engineering and part validation.

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Industrial-Grade 3D Scanners

Artec Leo

The first ever completely wireless 3D Scanner with built-in screen.  Artec Leo captures data in high detail insanely fast (80 fps).

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Space Spider

Artec Space Spider is highly accurate (50μm)​. This is a great tool for reverse engineering or quality control for any small to medium sized parts.

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Artec Eva

Artec Eva and Eva Lite are great for Medium to Large sized objects.  Capture full color with Eva, or geometry only with the very affodable Eva Lite.

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Artec Ray

Artec Ray is capable of 3D Scanning objects 110 meters away and still be accurate to .7mm within 15m range. Ray unites all Artec scanners by combining handheld scan data with long range date in one platform.

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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Desktop 3D Printing

Capabilities have skyrocketed while costs have come down. There was a time you would need to spend $60k or even more for medium size build envelopes, engineering grade thermoplastics, and ease-of-use. Those days are gone, learn about professional-grade 3D Printers starting at only $2,499.

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Large Format Additive

Affordable desktop printing is great, but you need to go BIG! We have that covered too. Our build envelopes are measured in meters instead of millimeters, you can now get parts that are bigger faster than ever before. Check out BigRep's lineup of massive additive manufacturing 


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Featured 3D Scans

Industrial Design and Manufacturing
Science and 

Art and Design