Artec Eva

Eva and Eva Lite Starting at $9,800


16 frames per second allows for the smooth and ultra fast scanning that leads the industry in speed, without compromising accuracy.


0.1mm accuracy, and .5mm resolution, the Artec Eva scans large parts very accurately with ease.


Artec Eva is compatible with a table, and external battery, that allows you to take it with you anywhere on the go


Why Artec Eva?

  • Artec Scanners use structured light so they are safe to use in any situation... even scanning the human body.
  • The Eva does not need targets, or require any calibration, you can pull the Eva out of your bag and start scanning immediately.
  • Artec Eva captures in full color AND it uses color to track while indexing over objects, no other scanner out there tracks this effectively using the color as well as geometry.
  • Tablet and battery pack compatible, the Eva is one of the most portable solutions on the market weighing only  1.9 lbs.
  • The Artec Eva has a very large field of view that spans as large as 21"x16" .
  • Artec Eva captures 2 million points per second continuously.
  • Driven by industry leading Artec Studio software which offers an SDK to sync multiple units among other advanced operations.

Applications for Artec Eva

  • Design & Manufacturing: Reverse engineering, part validation, automotive, aerospace, & more.
  •  Healthcare: Orthopedics, prosthetic, plastic surgery, mobility conversions.
  •  Science & Education: Research & development, classroom education, digital artifact archiving.
  •  Art & Design: Heritage Preservation, architecture, CGI & special effects, fashion.