Artec Leo

Leo $25,800


4 million points per second, 80 frames per second... enough said.


Special lens on the Artec Leo allows for high resolution in areas that need it less where it doesn't, speed and resolution, no sacrifice here.


Built in HD display, on board battery, this thing is as portable as 3D scanners get.


Why Artec Leo?

  • Why not Artec Leo? To start it has a built in HD display to allow for some scan processing right on the device.
  • Game-changing VCSEL light source allows for ultra-fast scanning at 80 frames per second- 4 million points per second.
  • The Leo's field of view at 33"x20" is mammoth, making an even an automobile a breeze to scan.
  • Like it siblings, the Leo does not need any targets.
  • Artec Leo captures in full color AND it uses color to track while indexing over objects, no other scanner out there tracks this effectively using the color as well as geometry.
  • No more battery pack accessories, it comes with a battery built right in to the unit.
  • High precision of 100 micron and zoom adjustable resolution for high detail when needed, and speed when you don't.
  • The next "big thing" in 3D Scanning is here... [King] Leo will change 3D scanning forever.

Applications for Leo

The Artec Leo opens up a plethora of applications due to it's large field of view and high data capture speed, contact us to see if it is a fit.

  • Design & Manufacturing: Reverse engineering, part validation, automotive, aerospace, & more.
  • Healthcare: Orthopedics, prosthetics, plastic surgery, mobility conversions.
  • Science & Education: Research & development, classroom education, digital artifact archiving.
  • Art & Design: Heritage Preservation, architecture, CGI & special effects, fashion.