Artec Micro

Artec Micro- $29,300

Automatic 3D Scanning

Rotary table allows for fully automated 3D Scanning while acquiring 1.5 million points per second. Calibration is also automatic creating a very simple user interface.


0.01mm accuracy, and .29mm resolution, the Artec Micro is a true metrology-grade scanner great for quality control of small intricate parts, but also great for reverse engineering microscopic features such as jewelry or precision machined components.

​Powerful Software

Artec Micro captures data using Artec Studio so data can be combined with that from other Artec devices like Artec Space Spider or Leo. Artec Micro can also capture full color automatically without the need of external cameras etc.


Why Artec Micro?

  • Unparalleled precision and resolution for your most intricate parts- great for jewelry or precision machined components.
  • Automatic Calibration.
  • Automatic Scanning- position the part on the rotary table and start scanning.
  • Highly precise color texture capture great for interactive communication tools that require color inspection and reference.
  • High speed, and high quality for smaller objects​.

Applications for Artec Micro

  • Design & Manufacturing: Reverse engineering, part validation, dental models, medical instruments, precision machining components and more.
  • Healthcare: quality control and reverse engineering of dental models, medical instruments, implants etc.
  • Science & Education: Research & development, classroom education, digital artifact archiving.
  • 3D Printing and rapid prototyping small objects.