Artec Ray


Critically acclaimed Artec Studio software drives the Artec Ray. Simplified workflows, fast processing, and easy to use for even the novice 3D scanner. Schedule a demo and see for yourself


.7mm accuracy at 15 meter range- the most accuract terrestrial scanner on the market. Scanner max distance of 110 meters


One Platform for all scanner- Scan large objects with the Ray into Artec Studio, and combine with close range scanner data like our Space Spider and Leo for ultimate resolution and accuracy


Why Artec Ray?

  • Ray has ultra-high precesion achieving sub millimeter accuracy capturing every detail.
  • Cleanest 3D data capture to reduce time spent in post-processing.
  • Unified Platform- plug Ray into your workflow and use with Artec handheld 3D Scanners for the best of both worlds, in one software.
  • Ideal for reverse engineering, inspection and construction applications.
  • Built in battery provides 4 hours of outdoor scanning without dealing with extension cords.
  • Seamlessly export the data to Geomagics Design X directly from Artec Studio.
  • Full color capture with 2 fully integrated 5mp cameras.

Applications for Ray

The Artec Ray creates large scale opportunity to capture and create much more effectively.

  • Scan entire assembly lines to coordinate clearly with tool and die suppliers.
  • Digitize large areas like Museums and other rare cultural artifacts in large spaces.
  • Creating data to use for modeling on large objects- automobiles, airplanes, construction equipment etc.
  • Combine terrestrial scanning and handheld scanning for the most versatile and precise solution on the market.