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02.04.20 03:05 PM By Ben Hartwig

Artec Eva Enables Extremely Fast 3D Capture for Automotive Seat Engineering and Quality Control Applications

Here at Delscan, our clients come to us with new challenges everyday from very diverse markets. When a customer came to us with a need to scan automotive seating for quality control, we were ready to jump in with a solution. in this article we identify a challenge for an un-named automotive seat supplier, solve the issue with the Artec Eva in the video below, and share the output from the scan down below so you can rotate zoom and see real results for yourself. 

The Challenge:

The current challenge for this client was using an old CMM style touch probe to pull points wasn't sufficient enough. Our clients customer base was demanding more data from there suppliers. Gone are the days of a spreadsheet with a finite number of points with pass or fail satisfies increase demands from manufacturers. We live in a data-driven society and suppliers are increasing being asked for more data delivered with the products being supplied. 

In addition to new requirements from the manufacturers who are executing supplier contracts... old technology is no longer effective in certain components. For the example of an automotive seating supplier, previous inspection processes included a touch probe. As the equipment aged, is struggled with pulling points on a foam surface which is easily morphed by contact (such as a measuring touch probe.) 

The Solution:

Watch this video below to see how easy and fast an automotive seat can be 3D Scanned by Artec Eva. 

The Solution:

More and more automotive companies that we work with are switching to optical 3D scanners that do not require contact. In the case of automotive seating, and other large components, the Artec Eva is just what the doctor ordered to solve these critical business issues. All of Artec handheld 3D Scanners are incredibly fast and easy to use. 3D scanning needs to be user friendly to be adopted and that is the sweet spot for Artec. 

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Interact with the 3D Scanned model below- note, this model's resolution

​Artec Studio Software is one of the most intuitive software packages in the 3D Scanning industry. It is simple to use and even offers an auto-pilot mode for the novice user. However, when scanning a challenging part that has a reflective surface, or perhaps very thin tapered edge, an experienced user can easily address this by using some of the advanced parameters in Artec Studio to over come these challenges. It is critical though that 3D Scanning helps efficiency, companies would not embrace a technology that is cumbersome and distracts from an engineers primary role, the technology should be streamline for it to benefit the process. 

Artec Eva is incredibly fast capturing 3D data at 16 frames per second, that equates to 2 million points per second! The data is accurate to 0.1mm to the actual surface. The detail captured by Eva is capable of picking up intricate 3D textures like the mesh area of the seat. ​You can see in the image here the detail, you can click on the image to make it larger.

After the 3D scan is complete, we can export the mesh solid from Artec Studio and bring it into popular CAD Packages like Solidworks, Inventor, or Discovery Spaceclaim to create solid model geometry and edit the data. If using 3D Scan data for part inspection, you can import the mesh solid to a software like Geomagic Control X and overlay it on to the original CAD model to get a deviation analysis, or take measurements of nearly any kind to generate comprehensive inspection reports. 

If you are planning to 3D Print your scan, you can right from scan to print. We will be printing this particular seat on a BigRep Pro but first we would do some clean up modeling to the bottom area if that area is important. 

This is a great implementation of 3D Scanning, and many of our customers are using Artec Eva to 3D Scan all kinds of automotive components. The scan data is used for much more than just quality control. Reverse engineering legacy data, creating manufacturing tools from scan data, and the ever growing augmented reality industry loves Artec 3D Scanners, especially because of the life-like texture (color) Artec scanners are able to capture.  And it doesn't stop at automotove 3D canning, our customers are 3D scanning anything from large pontoon boats, or even Mammoth tusks for museums. 

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