3D Printed PLA Carabiner lifts 500kg machine


KSCAN20- Handheld Metrology in the Palm of Your Hand

KSCAN20 3D scanner is the most accurate handheld laser scanner in the Industry boasting up to 0.01mm volumetric accuracy in blue laser mode (+0.035 mm/m) 

KSCAN20 3D offers built-in photogrammetry. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive add-on products or special kits

KSCAN20 Offers the largest field of view in the handheld laser scanner market.  When speed is critical you need a large field of view. KSCAN 20 allows for field of view up to 550 x 600mm larger than other traditional laser scanners, without comprimising the ability to capture fine details. 

Size Matters... Larger Field of View, Less Targets

  • Nearly double the data capture field of view of the competition
  • Longer depth of field when you need to keep targets in range
  • Red laser mode helps keep file size down for efficiency and speed 
  • Blue laser mode for demanding geometry with intricate features
  • No need to compromise and change 3D scanners based on geometry.
  • Probing arm attached turns KSCAN20 into a portable CMM
  • Ultimate versatility to capture deep holes and critical pockets
  • KSCAN20 also offers intelligent edge detection
  • See how KSCAN20 is one of the leaders for sheet metal and thin edged objects
Don't Settle for Traditional Laser Scanners, Check out the New KSCAN20 Before Commiting to Limitations
Say "No" to Compromise and try KSCAN20 for Yourself with a Free Product Demo