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3D Services for any Application

Delscan offers 3D services to help design and manufacture any product or part. Have an idea, or a part that you need to digitize and create? We leverage our Artec 3D Scanners to capture the data, whether as small as an electrical connector, or as big as an airplane, we can capture the data. Once the part is digitized our expert designers make the changes to your model that you require. When the model is complete, we will 3D print a prototype to verify the design meets the customer requirement. After any changes are made that may be needed and the part design is approved, we can then talk about streamlining production with 3D Printed tools such as jigs, fixtures, inspection gages, or anything you can imagine that will increase production efficiency.

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Industrial-Grade 3D Scanners

Artec Leo

The first ever completely wireless 3D Scanner with built-in screen.  Artec Leo captures data in high detail insanely fast (80 fps)

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Space Spider

Artec Space Spider is highly accurate (50μm)​. This is a great tool for reverse engineering or quality control for any small to medium sized parts.

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Artec Eva

Artec Eva and Eva Lite are great for Medium to Large sized objects.  Capture full color with Eva, or geometry only with the very affodable Eva Lite.

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Artec Ray

Artec Ray is capable of 3D Scanning objects 110 meters away and still be accurate to .7mm within 15m range. Ray unites all Artec scanners by combining handheld scan data with long range date in one platform

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3D CAD Modeling

Whether or not you are using 3D scanning as a start point, Delscan has teamed with experienced engineering firms to help get the job done on time, and on budget

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Industrial Design (CAID)
  • Criteria Section Development
  • Design Verification, Visualization & Animation
  • Competitive Product Evaluation
  • Class A Surface Generation
  • Packaging & Design Feasibility Analysis
  • Part Breakup & Assembly Sequencing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Release Drawings & Documentation
  • Data Management
  • Legacy Data Conversion

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3D Printing Service

Professional 3D Printing

Let our experts print your part for you. Not sure what material you should use? Contact our experts to discuss your application and we can advise.

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Large Format Additive

Big parts? No problem, our 3D Printers go as large as 1 cubic meter. No more cutting the model and gluing, get it done in one shot! FAST.

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